Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Police Blotter: Chicago Districts 15 & 25 Zone 12

Scanner information:
County: Cook
Agency: Chicago Police (CPD)
Scanner Frequency: 460.4250
Chicago's West Side

4:40PM - Information for Beat 2534: ...garbled radio transmission...
4:41PM - Beat 1522 Check well-being on Loral
4:43PM - Beat 2531 12xx Parkside, male blacks trespassing on property
4:44PM - Beat 2500 is clear

Just a quick update, more to come!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Police Blotter: Chicago Districts 15 & 25 Zone 12

Chicago Police Blotter
Scanner information:
County: Cook
Agency: Chicago Police (CPD)
Scanner Frequency: 460.4250
This is just a quick snapshot of what goes on in the middle of the day in the Austin Neighborhood on Chicago's West Side. Names and locations are either not given or partially given to protect civilian identities and Police procedures/whereabouts.

2:29PM - Traffic Stop at 1950 N. Cicero, backup declined (missed unit number)
2:31PM - Traffic stop at Division & Parkside (missed unit number)
2:35PM - Beat 2505 at the range
2:36PM - Beat 1551 Laramie & Harrison for school dismissal
2:36PM - Beat 2513 checking for auto accident at North and Oak Park
2:39PM - Beat 2535 headed to Sunnyside for gas
2:40PM - Beat 2531 domestic battery on North Ave; boyfriend is intoxicated
2:43PM - Beat 2533 16xx Lockwood for landlord/tenant dispute over deposit & stolen vehicle recovery on the way
That's all the time I had for today. I'll post some more later tonight.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Added Police Frequencies

More DuPage County Police Frequencies have been added to the page. There will be more to come as we have time to update our records.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Police Blotter: Domestic in Lombard

Police Blotter

Scanner information:
County: DuPage
Agency: Lombard Police
Lombard Police frequency: 470.3875
Lombard units call sign: Lincoln
Villa Park units call sign: Victor

Date of Occurance: 11/08/10, 12:50AM

Lombard Police units Lincoln 2, Lincoln 4, Lincoln 6, Lincoln 23 and Lincoln 47 responded to a domestic call in south Lombard on Grace street involving a husband who took the car keys after a night of drinking and fled from the residence on foot at around 12:50AM. Police attempted to contact an individual by cell phone but were unsuccessful. Police then canvassed the surrounding area on foot. Finding nothing, officers attempted to ping the cell phone number they received from the complaintant. At around 1:27AM the cell phone carrier came back with a ping to an address on Grace street. No other updates are available.

To listen to Lombard and other police departments from the same county check the DuPage County police frequencies page on the site.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brand New Police Scanning Site


Welcome to Illinois Police Freqencies. This site is here to bring you not only updated police frequencies but also real events that are heard while listening to police scanners. Scanner frequencies are always busy and our scanners are running 24/7 and are able to pick up every agency in Illinois. We travel to nearby states, such as Wisconsin and Indiana, and report the events that we hear. Feel free to post anything you hear, but make sure to leave a town/city or at least a frequency to listen to.

This site is for informational purposes only and is not responsible for nor does it condone any illegal activity. It is intended on being a source of radio scanner information and a real-time police blotter.

I have noticed that most scanner clubs make the user formally join a Yahoo! Group or something of that sort, I would rather this be an open forum. Leave your experience, idea or event in reply to any post. Thanks!